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Air Conditioners


6.1Kw portable airconditiong units.

  These units are the largest available on a standard 10amp plug.  These units are ideal as back-up air conditioning when permanent air conditioning is not available.   These units will cool an average internal area of around 80 square meter's.  Daily rate $80, weekly rate $300.  Delivery and setup costs depend on location and set-up requirements.  Please call us for an estimate.  

Smaller portable refrigerated air conditioners

 Ideal for domestic use,these units can be used on those long hot summer days and on the nights where it is nearly impossible to sleep Due to the heat. POA



Patio heaters


Standard mushroom cap style patio heaters are available with or without gas bottles.  POA


Evaporative coolers.


Small portable evaporative coolers that can be used in domestic situations or offices.m POA


Large commercial evaporative coolers that can be used in factories,work shops or even in marquees. POA




Honda 2KVA silenced generators. 

 2KVA generators are capable of running a display refrigerator when mains power is not available.  Daily rate $80 plus unleaded fuel.  These generators are supplied with a full tank of unleaded fuel.  The generator must be shut down to be refuelled.  

Honda 3KVA silenced generators.

 A minimum of a 3KVA generator is required to run a mobile cool room or freezer room when mains power is not available.  Daily rate $100 plus unleaded fuel.  The generator must be shut down to be refuelled.  Ideal for running our range of Air Conditioners.


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